All types of Properties is one of the leading directory which contain almost all information about Kerala’s leading builders, Architect, Interior designers, Home decors. It provide services in connection with the design of buildings, Interior designs, Building material suppliers etc. All these information’s are arranged in a structured manner so that users can browse easily.

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Our friendly & professional staff are on call to guide you through the property process, providing stress free professional or technical advice and services. In this we accurately reflects your firm’s values and mission, as well as the style and type of projects you’re known for. Our team will lead your firm to brand through different social media platforms.


Knowing your customer is key for any business endeavour. Successful business owners understanding your customer's buying behaviour. Identify your most valuable customers and get tips on selling more and attracting new higher-value through. The most important factor is creating excellent brand equity for your business. It gives customer satisfaction and keep your valuable clients happy.

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