Month: February 2018

Traditional houses in Kashmir

The traditional Kashmiri buildings are mainly made with a balcony, specially designed to view the moon.The houses were made of wood and mud/sand. This helped them to retain heat and save them from destruction in case of earthquakes. Also, the roof height was pretty low so  that if you raised your hands you could touch the ceiling.The houses used to have thatched roofs to avoid the snow from getting stuck. Every house had a tandoor kind of thing in their houses mostly called bukhari. Every house mostly used to have a hanging room in the air called “Kaieni” normally at the topmost floor. This was kept as a play room for children. Another interesting thing was the height of the stair riser.It used to be very high in most of the houses and hence made it incredibly difficult to climb.

The houses have survived several earthquakes what have damaged many newer building that have been designed using the modern analytical method of structural design. Contemporary models of systematic behaviour, only partly explain the efficacy of these traditional structural systems. In addition to their structural soundness these traditional systems also follows a synthetic approach that looks at the structural issues in unison with issues of locality,lifestyle,usability,maintenance and growth over time. These seem to be open ended systems which are able to absorb both the circumstantial variations due to locality and the growth and change of user needs.

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Signature villas in a gated community, overlooking an acre of landscaped gardens, stone clad walkways, gazebo, sitting and recreational spaces for that intimate living experience of being one with Mother Nature. Three plus bedroom villas of 2400 sq ft built up area, each with its own independent walled compound, designed in two floors with balconies and fitted with all modern amenities, swimming pool, club house, health club and the works.


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Indian Temple Architecture

Indian Temple Architecture

Hindu temple architecture has many varieties of style, though the basic nature of the Hindu temple remains the same, with the essential feature an inner sanctum, the garbha grihaor womb-chamber, where the primary Murtior the image of a deity is housed in a simple bare cell.Almost all Indian art has been religious, and almost all forms of artistic tradition have been deeply conservative. The Hindu temple developed over two thousand years and its architectural evolution took place within the boundaries of strict models derived solely from religious considerations.Hindu temple architecture reflects a synthesis of arts, the ideals of dharma, beliefs, values and the way of life cherished under Hinduism. The temple is a place forTirtha- pilgrimage.All the cosmic elements that create and celebrate life in Hindu pantheon, are present in a Hindu temple – from fire to water, from images of nature to deities, from the feminine to the masculine, from kamato artha , from the fleeting sounds and incense smells to Purusha – the eternal nothingness yet universality – is part of a Hindu temple architecture.A number of architectural texts known as the Shilpashastras were written in early medieval times. These refer to three major styles of temple architecture, Nagara, Dravida, and Vesara. The

  • Nagara style is associated with the land between the Himalayas and Vindhyas.
  • Dravida style with the land between the Krishna and Kaveri rivers,
  • Vesara style is sometimes associated with the area between the Vindhyas and the Krishna river
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How can be a good architect?

An Good Architect

Study physics, maths, and drawing, Study well these subjects and maths are very important to architecture. One reason why certain architects are step above the rest is because they have mastered the art of drawing. It’s really rare to find an architect who can draw and portray their work really well. Obviously, most things are done on the computer now, so you need to have a really good understanding of Auto CAD. Above all, you need to be original and unique in your ideas. Yes drawing is important but the thing which is more important is IMAGINATION.

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NJN Metro


This project Affordable Luxury homes at prominent locations of Kochi… Homes that made with utmost care… Projects with limited units… ensuring basic necessities. 2 & 3 Apartments in Kakkanad. Ready to Occupy….

Project Type: Apartment/Flat
Area: 900 – 1000 Sqft
Location: Near Kakkanad – Thuthiiyoor Bus route
Starting Price: ₹37 Lakhs

Contact: 9747434308

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