Best way to decorate small houses

Best way to decorate small houses

A tiny kitchen, low ceilings, small spaces etc will lead to a belief that we have only a narrow and limited space to decorate our homes. Actually this thought was exactly wrong. To overcome this here is some architecture tips. There are plenty of ways to make your dreams and imagination into reality even in a very small houses. You just need to know how to increase the space or the awareness of space available to you. Here are some tips to change your small Houses spaces in your home into a better one.

1.Always choose the right curtains

Small house design


If you choose the same color for your curtains as you have on the walls, it will give a sense of volume to the room. Avoid selecting curtains which are thick, heavy and long.





2. As much as natural light as possible

Small house design

Don’t use window ledges as bookshelves, and don’t put flowers there either. The window panes should always be completely clear and clean. Even the smallest room, if filled with the maximum amount of natural light, will feel more comfortable, airy and cozy all at the same time, rather than cramped.


3.Multi-use furniture

Small house design


It’s always good to have a preference for multi-use furniture — a sofa which turns into a bed, for example, or a fold-away kitchen table; a chair on wheels which can be used in various rooms. The space in a small room should never be static if at all possible. The more you can shift things into different rooms or change the position of furniture kept in one room, the more space you will have in it at any one time.


4.Use of Mirrors

Small house design


Mirrors placed close to windows are instrumental in creating a greater sense of space. Mirror-doors for a wardrobe or the door to a room are a great option here.




5. Don’t place all your furniture along the walls:

Small house design

Don’t be afraid to place a table or sofa diagonally in a room, or right in the middle of it. Create a comfortable, functional living space rather than a dance floor in the centre of each room. Placing everything along the walls has the effect of increasing your awareness of how little space you have, rather than increasing it.


6.  A bright ceiling

Small house design

According to one, erroneous piece of advice, the ceiling in a small room should always be painted white. This isn’t true. Try painting it a bright color, and you’ll be impressed how much more airy the room feels.




7.      Arrange with different types of lights

Small house design

The lighting in a room should be varied. Free-standing lamps, table lamps, lamp brackets on the wall — all of these work well in small rooms. If the light is focused upwards, this will illuminate the ceiling better and enhance the sense of space.



8.      Always use transparent furnitures.

Small house design

A glass table or transparent chairs made from high-quality material are a great solution for small houses. They create an impression of lightness and the feeling that the room is not so jammed up with things.


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