How can be a good architect?

How can be a good architect?

An Good Architect

Study physics, maths, and drawing, Study well these subjects and maths are very important to architecture. One reason why certain architects are step above the rest is because they have mastered the art of drawing. It’s really rare to find an architect who can draw and portray their work really well. Obviously, most things are done on the computer now, so you need to have a really good understanding of Auto CAD. Above all, you need to be original and unique in your ideas. Yes drawing is important but the thing which is more important is IMAGINATION.

You can learn how to draw but no one in the world can teach you how to imagine. The best design is one that blends well with the surrounding environment, has a unique modern streak- but can still stand the test of time. Not easy!

Architects design and oversee the construction of buildings, homes and other structures used as shelters. They are highly educated, licensed professionals who are responsible for ensuring the safety and functionality of each project they undertake. This article provides a look at the architecture profession, the educational and licensure requirements for becoming an architect, and options for a career in the architecture field.

  • Understand the profession.Architects are involved in each phase of the process of creating a new structure—from conceiving an idea for the structure’s design to communicating the plans to clients, overseeing the construction process, and ensuring the final structure will protect the public’s safety. Architects have the following talents and creative skills..
  • Science-minded. Architecture is both an art and a science. In addition to designing buildings with elegance and beauty in mind, architects must understand how the different components of a building work together to create a sturdy, safe environment. An understanding of math and physics is essential.
  • Great communicators. Architects must be able to effectively share their vision of a structure with those who will be constructing it. They are excellent at giving presentations, describing ideas clearly, and communicating with clients.
  • Decide what type of architect you want to be.Landscape architects have a background in plant sciences as well as architecture, and focus on how outdoor spaces play a complementary role. Some architects focus only on design, making sure the plans for a building follow building codes and meet the expectations of the client. Construction firms often hire architects as project managers who oversee the construction of structures. Some architects may focus on certain types of buildings, such as high-security facilities, hospitals, or schools. They may also work on the restoration of old buildings.

Talk to architects. As you’re deciding whether you want to become an architect, professionals to get a sense of what it takes to have a career in architecture.Find a part-time job or internship at an architecture firm to get an even better sense of what the field is like.

Don’t Get Upset by Clients that Think They Know Everything about Architecture

  • Be patient.
  • Educate and open up thinking.
  • Be a professional.
  • Remember that you were educated as an ARCHITECT (not him/her).