Kids Room Designing Ideas

Kids Room Designing Ideas

kids room interior

“Kids are the candles of our house, we live for them and their growth.”Kids Room Designs are done entirely different in every home. Whatever we do in our life is just for our children. Most expecting parents dream of their children’s happiness, Obviously we fight with the world for their happiness and ambitions. All parents wish to give their children the best. So, on their childhood only thing we can provide them is our valuable time and love. Kids room is the place where our loved ones spend their time. Designing the rooms in a unique way is the best option for attractive the people to house. Whatever the outside room design the kids room need to be done with care and creatively to keep our kids mood always happy.

Wall paintings for Kids Room:

kids room wall painting

Wall painting is the most important thing in designing a kids room. Children’s may like bright colors since it attracts their eyes fast than the light colour paintings. Kids are always addicted to the cartoons and funny characters in the media so painting a wall with funny characters or cartoon characters will be more creative and it can win our little ones heart. Instead of use paintings use long lasting and cost-effective wall papers. Wall papers can be easily installed and can also be removed whenever we required it can help to keep the wall clean. When our kids gets bore with those wall paper can easily removed and put on the next. Use wall papers where the surface without lumps. Kids always love to draw in walls and done their maximum to destroy walls so we should be conscious and use high quality paints so that can remove the dirty by just a rub with water.

Ceiling galaxy stickers:

ceiling galaxy stickers for kids room

Kids are always font of star, majority of their childhood aim is to catch the Star. Sticking the night glowing stickers on the ceiling may amazed by the kids, can buy their wonder faces. It bring the room like a sky structure during night with full of stars, planets, moon and so on. Stickers are a piece of paper, plastic, vinyl or any other material with pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. Today 3D like stickers and wall paper are also available, providing a

3D effect on the ceiling may look creative and gives a nostalgic feelings. Specialty of galaxy stickers is that, they glow and glimmer only on darkness and at day time it is just a fluorescent sticker which we can’t see at all. Arranging like a galaxy structure is the most innovative thing, place it on the proper structure, keep a minimum distance between the same size of star and the other things, done it in an interesting way so when we enters the room can make us happy because of our creativity too.

Study table:

studytable for kids room

From childhood itself we have to build interest in their studies, learning mentality makes our little ones to improve their grasping power. For this, first of all we have to construct studying atmosphere in their room itself. Placing a study table in proper space of concentration can bring their moods to take the books and interest in their studies. Choosing study table for kids is way different, select the tables with different kinds of attractive colours, be careful that not to paint the tables with cartoon like characters because sometimes it may destroy their concentration. Table and chair with the same height of the kids looks so cute and also they can independently use it. The study table should be placed in a way that the kid who faces the north or in east direction. Another thing is that the table should not be placed too close to the wall.


beds for kids room

A bed is a piece of furniture which is used as a place to sleep or relax. So choose the best and sophisticated bed for our kids. There are multiple varieties of beds for kids are available today, like water beds, bunk beds etc. Among this different varieties, bunk beds are an excellent choice for they save floor space. In addition, bunk beds are more stylish, cool, and they offer enough space to play. Beds are the most attracting element in a room, selecting it for the kids is one of the important process. Also we can provide our own new ideas to get a charming bed design, the home designers were care of our needs and requirements and may be fully execute the ideas. Water beds are an another creative and fabulous bed design, it may highly attract the kids and have many advantages too. During summer and like hot season it may act like a relief since it contains the water inside and offer the body to get cool. Many kinds of cute beds for our little ones are available today, choose the right one is our duty.


shelves for kids room

To continue making our room a happy place, we need to fill each part with life. A shelves can be placed in the room, it is really useful to keep the books and the toy items on the shelves. There are adjustable shelves which is more flexible and useful to place the things in available space. There are corner stands, wall stands and so on like different kinds of shelves can be used more creatively and it make the room so beautiful too. A room with book shelve looks special and always we get interest in learning. Paint the shelves with creative colors or themes can give a good looking structure to the stand. The toys and their playing items can be arranged on the stand and also many DIY products are available is place on the stand, it can increase the beauty of the room.